IBM Hybrid Integration Specialist in TROLLASEN, Norway

IBM Hybrid Integration is one of the most essential technologies delivered by IBM. Over the last quarter century, messaging technologies have helped transform on premise IT architectures around the world. IBM Hybrid Integration continues to deliver technology and capability to IBM's clients from the largest mainframe through to micro controllers which enables businesses, organizations and governments to operate around the globe.Hybrid Integration Specialist - This is a key role required in the Nordic Hybrid Cloud Services team, and requires an experienced technical professional who assists the IBM design and delivery teams in providing detailed design services in support of IBM's Cloud Offerings. The individual is responsible for understanding the technical drivers, issues, and requirements in the customer’s environment, designing and implementing Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions. Benefits are skills in middleware and applications and API Management to understand the full picture of cloud delivery models and architectures.As an application Integration Specialist you will apply your analytical and programming skills in writing cloud native , highly scalable , available , high performing code that would power IBM's Hybrid Integration Platform.• Developing the key integration offerings "IBM API Connect", essential to the world API economy and at the core of IBM's transition to Cloud.• Developing the products as the core of the API Connect platform to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from a Line of Business specialist to the Integration Specialist..• Use the latest tools and practices to exploit DevOps, Agile approaches and encourage social coding, also have operational responsibility for the APIManagement and IIB on Cloud products, ensuring that team members get to experience every stage of the product development lifecycle.

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