IBM T&T Implementation Manager in SYDNEY, Australia

Position Summary and ResponsibilitiesResponsible for Large Projects or significant segment of large complex Projects. Translates customer requirements into formal agreements and plans to culminate in customer acceptance of results, or have acceptance in the targeted market, while meeting business objectives. Responsible for performance, cost, scope, schedule, quality, and appropriate business measurements for their project/segment of the project, according to their project charter. In applicable areas of the business, overall responsibility for revenue and profit objectives of the project. Has professional knowledge of market segment / industry / technology / discipline trends.Under CRM - Works with the client to identify business requirements and develops the proposal. Subsequently leads a team in the initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing tasks of a project (or segment of a project) to produce the solution deliverable. Execute a wide range of process activities beginning with the request for proposal through development, test and final delivery. Formulates partnerships between customer, suppliers, and IBM staff to address business windows of opportunity for the IBM corporation.Under IPD - Provides overall direction to the team in the formulation, development, qualification, and launch delivery of offerings to the market or transitioning of offerings out of the market in response to customer requirements. Responsible for organizing and leading a cross functional team in developing and implementing project deliverables, with an emphasis on quality, productivity, and consistency. Provides direction to the Product Development Team (PDT) project staff and suppliers.Global knowledge sharing and management is key to IBM's success. Individuals will be responsible for the creation, harvesting, protection, and reuse of IBM's intellectual capital. Individuals will participate actively in knowledge sharing activities like communities of practice, forums, conferences and/or other knowledge exchanges.Communication/NegotiationEngaged as a professional who guides others and drives negotiation and analysis and/or acceptance of changes within the project. Works with team members to articulate, compare, and implement solutions and alternative approaches based upon project management principles. Establishes and maintains clear mechanisms to communicate project status and change with the project team and management. Must be able to effectively communicate resource needs and project issues with business unit management to negotiate appropriate project resources. Plans and conducts negotiations which result in significant agreements and commitments between IBM, customer / supplier and other IBM organizations.Problem SolvingAnticipates potential project related problems. Utilizes refined techniques for identifying, eliminating or mitigating solution, project, and business risk. Understands customer, industry and business trends. Applies this understanding to meet project objectives. As appropriate, challenges the validity of given procedures and processes with a view toward enhancement or improvement. Analyzes information and situations and implements actions, independently and / or through the management team, to ensure project objectives are met. Analyzes new and complex project related problems and creates innovative solutions involving finance, scheduling, technology, methodology, tools and solution components.Contribution/LeadershipDefines and decides objectives related to the project or segment of a large complex project from a cost, schedule, technical and quality perspective. Recognized for their expertise in Project Management and a leader by other professionals. Provides guidance in this area to others. Influences people outside their immediate project. This influence is expressed through working with customers / suppliers / IBM staff. Understands project mission and business unit mission, and applies this understanding in project activities. Displays proper use of PM tools to team members throughout the project life cycle. Provides leadership to project stakeholders and team. Fosters and engages in teamwork at professional levels in IBM / customer / supplier organizations. Provides evaluation input of team member performance against specific job responsibilities to the team members manager. Provides give back to the profession and IBM. Exercises responsibility for acquisition of suppliers in support of the project. Ensures success of the subcontracting process. Works closely with appropriate procurement organizations that may formalize contractual relationships, negotiate contracts and secure adherence to related IBM policies and procedures.Impact on Business/ScopeAccountable for meeting customer's requirements and obtain the results of the project segment, unit or deliverable assigned. Responsible for project planning. Identifies, estimates and presents cost, schedule and business and technical risk for the project committing multiple resources. Interfaces directly with management of the customer's staff. Performs activities to ensure customer satisfaction. Responsible for their financial baseline of the project, and accountable for project results as committed to the client / IPMT (Integrated Product Management Team).

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