IBM Software Developer in SAN JOSE, California

You are responsible for designing, coding, and unit-testing new functions while rigorously adhering to the organization's Agile development processes. You will also be responsible for analyzing and fixing defects in supported releases of the product and assist Level 2 technical support in analyzing customer reported problems and resolve QA found defects with quick turnaround. You must work in close collaboration with development, QA, Level 2 and ID to ensure that your code is delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.Will work primarily with DB2 for z/OS development, QA, Level 2 and ID and interfacing with z/OS team in POK.

  • Basic knowledge needed for each: 1) Knowledge of DB2 for z/OS 2) z/OS Systems skills 3) Understanding of PL/X 4) Applied knowledge of software development cycle 5) Debugging skills 6) Understanding Design Thinking and Agile process

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