IBM Research Intern in SAN JOSE, California

The tasks of this job include designing, synthesizing and evaluating polypropylene-organogel blends. Daily activities will include NMR analysis, setting up chemical reactions for polymer synthesis, operating a mini-extruder for the formation of polypropylene-gel blends, and performing mechanical analysis on samples. The ideal candidate will have a BS in Chemistry or a related field, and two or more years of research or industrial experience.1) Student role:The student will be performing benchtop chemistry and performing analysis on materials as a part of a larger research effort to develop performance enhances polypropylene blends. The student will also provide written reports and oral presentations on their research, and learn about industrial research, polymer processing, and mechanical testing of polymers.2) Goals and objective:The goals of the research effort by the student is to research and develop materials that consist of some percentage of polypropylene for pipe materials. We aim to develop, through blending with IBM materials, polymer blends that show improved properties over pure polypropylene. Specifically, we aim to improve the elongation at break (%) of the mixture compared to polypropylene.

  • Basic understanding of Chemistry

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