IBM Hardware Developer Co-op - Tape Head & Channel Design-San Jose, CA in SAN JOSE, California

IBM is hiring a Hardware Developer Co-op to perform Electrical and Magnetic Design and Test of Magnetic Recording Head sensor for tape drives. This position is located at the IBM Almaden Research Center and the individual will work in and with the Tape Head Development Team. In addition, the qualified candidate will work with our key fab supplier in San Jose who develops and manufactures the wafer and head modules for our tape drives. Finally, the individual will also work closely with our Zurich Research team to develop advanced tape head sensors for advanced tape drive research.This is an opportunity to work with technically diverse team which develops archive storage for the CLOUD. Work with key technical and engineering challenges to advance the technology for new products and for research. As Moore's law reaches its fundamental limits in other technologies, tape sensor technology can be advanced for the next 15-20 years. Additional opportunity to reach and define new novel storage technologies. New patents in current and new areas are a major plus.Teamwork is key in this job role. Candidate must be able to work with diverse personalities and have humility and drive to get the job done. Attention to design detail and execution are very important. In addition, interest in the current technology and developing new technology are equally important.This role is a 6 month Co-op opportunity.

  • Pursuing an EE, Mechanical or Materials Science advanced degree, with interest in Magnetics and magnetic recording

  • Desire to work in Magnetics