IBM Senior Software Engineer in SAN FRANCISCO, California

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to be a key member of a small, skilled, results-oriented team of developers. You will be part of the Weather Underground web team to build new features for our IoT initiative, migrate existing features to emerging technology stack, and cloud infrastructure for web platform. You are an expert with Javascript, and have experience working with one or more of the following: angular, scss, d3, nodejs, GraphQL, bootstrap, react. You will also be having the opportunity to explore all the amazing research published in IBM and be part of the IBM eco system.The Weather Company is the leading provider of weather information and we’re looking to grow! We're a focused Scrum shop with a strong emphasis on self-managed teams. Our engineering teams value collaboration and hold the team in high regard. We will foster your career development and allow you to be creative in a fun; results based environment.

Produce working maintainable, fast, scalable servicesCommunicate effectively with both technical and non-technical people to build the products they require, or help formulate a strategy to meet the products needsLearn quickly and be versatile. Strive to be an expert at what you do, constantly improving your skillsBe prepared to evaluate new technologies and apply and compare them to similar technologiesOffer advice and solutions to peers and mentor junior developersTransform legacy code to testable microservicesWork closely with the teams deploying and testing codeBe a collaborative part of the teamHave fun and help those around you to do the same!

The Weather Company