IBM Solution Engineer in SÃO PAULO, Brazil

Individuals interested in this job should have demonstrated technical ability as a developer, test engineer or services developer. A degree in Computer Science is preferred. Besides coding apps to integrate databases and products, it will be necessary for candidates to quickly comprehend fundamental Watson concepts. Familiarity with the Linux operating environment and Linux scripting languages is also desirable. Applicants who have demonstrated technical ability in previous roles will be able to learn this job and likely have fun doing so. This work could be compared to system administration of a new, fairly immature platform where the tooling has not yet evolved to the point of automating steps required to instance and update the system. Watson Solution Engineers responsibilities include: facilitate the building of a Watson Solution for a particular customer including achieving the performance needed for success.Watson Solution Engineers are responsible to:· Oversee the transfer of content and initial ground truth (example question/answer sets) from the customer to our Watson Managed Service.· Run tools that transform customer content to a Watson "Corpus" - sometimes develop them also!!· Create initial customer specific demo system to assist Sales· Establish an initial baseline solution by addressing content and ground truth inconsistencies· Improve performance (accuracy) of the solution incrementally by employing Watson processes including "Accuracy Analysis" and "Training"· Do "level 2" analysis of accuracy problems, solving some problems and transferring others that require code change to the Core Development team· Collaborate with the customer to understand requirements to improve Watson Engagement Advisor performance· Oversee the update of solution content while improving accuracy The Watson Solution Engineer will work primarily with the Customer, Watson Lab Services Leadership and Watson Core Development to execute the above steps.· Develop the necessary infrastructure to create cognitive systems according with customers requirements and support tools to improve delivery performance as well.The Watson Solution Engineer will facilitate the customer's use of tooling to perform the above steps. Candidate will also use the Watson Developer's Workbench tool to identify and resolve accuracy problems. This role will provide opportunities on many fronts including understanding Watson technologies and participation in building of new computing frontier IBM refers to as Cognitive Computing.

Bachelor's degreeStrong coding skills including web experienceSoftware development using APIs/RESTDatabase skillsExperience with GitExperience as a developer, test engineer or services developer. Experience in one of languages: Java, Node.js, Python, Go (flexibility to learn others)Experience with Unix operating environment and scripting languages Intermediate/Fluent English25% travel