IBM Electronic Card Assembly Test coop in ROCHESTER, Minnesota

IBM seeks to hire an Engineering coop. This role is responsible for working technically with IBM development, and manufacturing on early product test development, failure analysis, quality management, and ongoing production support (internally or externally) for the products/parts assigned. This involves many facets such as: test hardware development, build and deployment; prototype system bring up and failure analysis; firmware optimization; design for test; assembly process optimization; supplier quality control and improvement initiatives; opportunity to work on leading edge computer hardware.Responsibilities may include utilizing your skills and knowledge in:

  • Electronic Assembly Logic Design to read and understand schematics for testability assessments and root cause failure analysis and also for design of custom circuits as required for test coverage.

  • Effectively communicating design for test requirements with Development along with training engineers and technicians at our contract manufacturers. Professionalism is key as we are representative of IBM to our suppliers and contract manufacturers.

  • Basic knowledge in computer programming languages

Attributes and Opportunities within this job role

  • Mentor relationship with subject matter experts in test engineering and system failure analysis

  • Mentor relationship with subject matter experts in materials science and its application to printed circuit board assemblies.

  • Involvement with IBM’s leading edge hardware products from inception to production

  • Exposure to several different IBM’s supply chain engineering roles during multiple phases of product development and release

  • “Hands on” work in IBM lab spaces with state of the art physical and electrical failure analysis equipment.

  • Opportunities for leadership and advancement within IBM’s vast array of career opportunities.

  • Opportunity to apply most engineering aspects of university instruction/coursework

  • Basic knowledge in Electronic Assembly Logic Design.

  • Proven ability with verbal and written communication skills.

  • Basic knowledge in computer programming languages