IBM Design Aids and Automation Engineer in RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, North Carolina

This 6 month co-op student will be working on the validation of system-level EMC design rules through measurement and simulation, a major task that has direct impact on future product designs across all IBM Systems. An important part of developing our design rules will be validating the algorithms with measurements and simulations, and using this data to identify reasonable design goals and limits for the rules. This task will require the co-op to study various system-level design features (e.g. board-to-board interconnects, board-to-chassis grounding, shielding performance of gaskets and apertures) and use a combination of full wave modeling (Finite Difference Time Domain, Method of Moments, etc.) and measurements (network analyzer, near-field scanner, and reverberation chamber) to validate algorithms derived from previous research and from scientific literature. By using actual hardware components from our systems, the co-op will confirm that general algorithms are applicable to the geometries and dimensions of our products.


  • Knowledge on Electrical Engineering.

  • Knowledge to perform Printed Circuit Board (PCB) analysis on proposed card layouts,

  • Knowledge on analyze power and grounding schemes on PCB boards,