IBM Strategic Editorial Digital Research Analyst in Raleigh, North Carolina

The Strategic Editorial and Creative team is seeking an experienced individual with a passion for developing thought leadership and unique intellectual capital for IBM. This individual should have a broad range of skills including exceptional writing skills, especially the ability to develop evidence-based argumentation, research, analysis, project and stakeholder management. The Digital Author will be expected to work on a diverse range of topics important to the business and could support multiple projects on multiple topics at any given time. Strategic Editorial & Creative requires someone who is provocative, curious, creative, flexible, and a forward thinker.Strategic Editorial & Creative works to reinvent how IBM creates and uses branded intellectual capital to influence marketplace perceptions to favor IBM’s strategic goals by bringing objective, differentiated foresight and practical guidance to the market. The team focuses on technology and business issues that are critical to IBM and creates content that is both indispensable and hugely consumable by a savvy global audience with limited time and attention.

  • 5+ years of editorial experience

  • 5+ years of experience with journalistic research and analysis

  • 3+ years of strategy and communications planning to create and push relevant content to market based on market interest and data-driving tools

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