IBM Security Services Specialist-Infrastructure and Endpoint Security in Raleigh, North Carolina

Exciting Career Opportunity is available for a candidate who has 5+ years experience in IT Security in the area of designing infrastructure,, deploying, configuring and providing support for 3rd party Anti-virus solution(s) in IBM's Managed Security Services division (MSS) on the Infrastructure and Endpoint Security Team (I&ES.) IBM's Technical Services Delivery Center, is seeking to hire Professional Level IT Specialists responsible for installing and maintaining enterprise wide Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall implementations to aid in determining problem facing the client. In this role, problems are not routine or standardized and each new virus comes with a new set of challenges to be overcome in order to protect the customer’s infrastructure and restore the customer’s network after a virus infection. Creation of Root Cause Analysis and executive presentations to describe the cause of an infection and the solution will be required. This candidate will also be responsible for customer training through anti-virus workshops.This role could require pager coverage, off-shift coverage during scheduled times with an expectation of carrying a pager 24/7/365, and travel for Emergency Onsite Support would be required during a virus emergency.Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall infrastructure for IBM’s customers. This includes insuring the compliance and currency of the software version as well as the anti-virus definitions. Work closely with System Administrators, Network Administrators, Desktop Support, and Help Desk to ensure policies are being followed and appropriate steps are taken to protect the customer’s infrastructure.

  • Respond to audit requests relating to the currency of the customer’s infrastructure and take remediation steps to close any gaps in anti-virus coverage.

  • Provide instruction as to specific actions needed to remediate gaps identified on the reports.

  • Provide 3rd level software support to the support groups and the customer to assist in resolving any non-standard anti-virus issue. Work closely with the anti-virus vendors to resolve outstanding issues. Provide virus samples to the anti-virus vendors for analysis and respond appropriately to the findings.

  • Design and rollout new product releases of anti-virus into the customer’s infrastructure. Prepare product comparisons and roll out a different vendor’s product if selected by the customer.

  • Respond to, and remediate virus infections in the customer’s infrastructure. Network connectivity limitations may require travel to the customer’s site to complete remediation activities and bring the customer’s network back up. Regular status reports should be made to IBM and IBM’s customer during an outbreak.

  • A Root Cause Analysis may be required to determine the cause of the infection and the steps needed to remediate the issue. Additional responsibilities of this position would be cross training other employees on the team as needed.) In addition, you may be asked to assist your peer employees with issues they are having trouble resolving.

  • 5 or more years experience working in an IT Security Related Field.

  • 2 or more years of experience configuring/managing an Enterprise level Antivirus solution from a major 3rd party vendor (i.e. Symantec, McAfee, Trend, etc).

  • 1 or more years of experience configuring/managing an Intel/McAfee EPO Based Solution.

  • 2 or more years experience working with Microsoft Windows Server (2008, 2012, etc).

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