IBM CMS Storage Infrastructure Architect in Raleigh, North Carolina

The IBM CMS Cloud team is looking for a strong, self driven leader for the position of Lead Storage Infrastructure Architect. In this role you will be responsible for creating and leading the storage infrastructure architecture for the CMS cloud environment that has locations around the world with over 45 PB of storage currently under management. The organization is moving to a merged Development and Operations model, so the best candidates will understand the Storage architectural components and have practical experience deploying complex solutions.This position could be located in the following locations:

  • Rochester, MN

  • Austin, TX

  • Durham, NC

  • Extensive storage background in fiber channel storage environments and storage devices - this includes Brocade director class switching, SVC, XIV, V7000, and FS900 systems

  • Ability to interact with the development teams on workflow automation and with the delivery and deployment teams on device specification, configuration, and operations

  • Knowledge on operations of virtual environments and advanced topics such as auto tiering, compression, encryption, and management & monitoring with tools such as TPC (Spectrum Control). Knowledge on FCIP routing for WAN replication

  • Experience with copy service functions: flashcopy, global and metro mirror and the advanced features of each area

  • Secure, multi-tenant cloud experience

  • Experience around HA operations and DR operations

  • Knowledge of advanced system environments with central functions such as LDAP or AD, DNS, SKLM key managers, and other common central management environments

  • Knowledge of TSM (Spectrum Protect)

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