Senior solution architect with at least 3 years’ experience with frontend and(or) mobile projects that shall be familiar with:

  • Complete project life cycle: analysis, design, implementation, testing, support in product development and/or service projects

  • Development and technical leadership

  • Latest technology trends and frameworks

  • Good communication skills (especially communication with clients)

Selected candidate will perform the following typical tasks:

  • Support presales process

  • Communicate customer requirements

  • Define architecture, make and communicate architecture decisions

  • Validate project plan and estimates

  • Perform detailed design

  • API design and prototyping

  • Code key/most complex requirements

  • Optimize and automate development, build and testing process

  • Perform technical and development QA

  • Frontend platforms, architectures and patterns

  • Mobile/Responsive technologies and aspects of their development

  • Angular or React

  • Frontend continuous build and integration

  • Javascript, Java, J2EE, main stream open source technologies for frontend

  • OOP design and development

  • Design patterns and algorithmization

Domestic Delivery