IBM Watson Cloud Developer in New York, New York

Job descriptionWant to become a cognitive computing ninja? Cognitive computing is poised to systematically transformhow organizations think, act, and operate. Be part of the Watson Implementations organization, which willdeliver business value from cognitive solutions to our clients at an unprecedented rate and pace. We’retackling some of humanity's most challenging problems - like revolutionizing how doctors research canceror transforming how businesses engage with their customers. Watson Cloud Engineers drive deepcollaboration with clients and implement cloud-based cognitive solutions that bring quick business value.Candidates will be learning new technologies and mastering the cognitive computing landscape.Candidates who relish dynamic work environments, have strong collaboration skills and are fearless inthe face of new and nascent technologies will be a good fit. The ability to work through complex andsometimes time consuming technical roadblocks is a must. Knowledge of cloud computing, dataintegration architectures, design principles, front end development and user experience, applicationintegration and large scale systems is a plus. The team will be ultimately responsible for the architecture,development and delivery of these cognitive implementations for our clients through servicesengagements.Strong candidates will have experience in two or more of following gained through experience orsignificant academic study:• Node/Python/Java server/system programming• Cloud computing, PaaS and SaaS fundamentals• Natural Language Processing (experience in a multilingual setting is a bonus) or Linguistics• Advanced and Semantic Search (experience with different indexing and retrieval technologies such asIndri or Lucene a plus)• Machine Learning (Statistical pattern recognition, semi-supervised learning, active learning, deeplearning/neural nets, bagging and boosting etc.).• Data Mining• Knowledge Representation and reasoning (relationship representation & extraction, ontology, lexiconand related technologies)• Automatic knowledge acquisition from text such as semi/unsupervised ontology induction• Experience with dialog management, automatic speech recognition, document summarization andmachine translation systemDo you have a passion for designing and implementing game changing solutions? Do you strive to workon complex problems and break them down into manageable tasks with predictable delivery schedules?If so, you’re just the person for us. Come join us as we lead into the new era of computing!* These positions are located in Austin TX, Yorktown Heights and NYC, NY.****Watsoncore

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • At least 3 years experience in Java or Node Programming

  • At least 2 years experience in at least two of the following areas: human language, cognition, mathematics, computer programming, solving complex problems, machine learning, artificial intelligence

  • English: Fluent