IBM Software Development Engineer - Austin, TX or Seattle, WA in New York, New York

Preferred work locations Austin, TX or Seattle, WA or willing to relocate


  • Meet with team members on regular sprints, develop and complete agreed-upon stories

  • Develop modular, clean code with comprehensive tests

  • Refactor existing code as you develop new code; leave both in clean, modern state

  • Always improve UI and user experience, using best CSS and design practices

  • Attend daily standups, demo work during reserved demo time, attend team retrospectives

  • Meet with colleagues across company to better understand requirements and ensure that new work fulfills real needs

  • Use software design principles to determine where functionality should be built, within applications and between applications (occasionally in completely new services)

  • Provide clear documentation in code repos and in shared company wiki

  • Manage the queue of incident tickets when rotation dictates: communicate on and clear support tickets in queue; assist queue-master as time is available when off rotation

  • Provide clear and advance communication to colleagues and stakeholders about upcoming system changes

  • Take initiative to substantially improve customer and colleague workflows

  • Use advanced new technologies judiciously to reduce complexity

  • At least 3 years experience in working as a software engineer

  • At least 1 year experience in CentOS / Red Hat or 1+ year Debian / Ubuntu

  • At least 1 year experience in MySQL and /or PostgreSQL

  • Basic understanding of REST

Object Storage