IBM Senior UX Designer in NEW YORK, New York

As the Senior UX Designer, s/he must acts as a user advocate and creates design artifacts through the entire delivery process, executing on the considered end-to-end user experience. As a key member of a team, s/he provides advice and mentorship based on experience and utilizes the analytical ability and creativity to address ambiguous, large, complex problems and projects. The senior UX designer applies IBM Design Thinking methodologies to uncover user and business requirements and understand the technical landscape; while evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of existing/proposed solutions. S/he must understand and successfully deliver designs that meet measurable criteria. In the event of a scope change they must have the facility to readdress the change with flexibility and ease. Frequent and IBM Digital stakeholder interactions are required to participate in discussions and presentations for both working and delivery purposes. They additionally possess the skills required to collect, reflect and take action on feedback from stakeholder interactions, design validation sessions and playbacks. They are able to support their design decisions with qualified rationale that is justified through their own experience and design research, or through findings from other design professionals. They must have the ability to negotiate and evolve the design withstakeholders, and ensure the integrity of the design is upheld in the delivered product. The senior UX designer is expected to participate in the overall improvement of the IBM Design community by being ambassadors design excellence, through thought leadership, example, education and mentorship. Leading & mentoring junior UX designers in the team and reviewing their work products is part of his/her responsibilities. Global knowledge sharing and management is key to IBM’s success. All IBM Digital designers will participate in the creation, harvesting, protection, and reuse of IBM’s intellectual capital and will actively participate in knowledge sharing activities like communities of practice, forums, conferences and/or other knowledge exchanges.

Core skills (7-10 yrs)

  • research techniques

  • ethnography and discovery—user goals, motivations, and work patterns

  • information architecture and information design—content structure and presentation principles

  • critical thinking with an open mind

  • ability to pretend the future is now and consider the results

  • strong design skills

  • ability to rapidly sketch ideas in various media—in words, through graphics, on a whiteboard, or programmatically

  • strong articulation skills—both verbal and visual

  • strong team orientation

  • open to critique* ability to step up to synthesize when the time is right* empathy—for users, management, and teammates* user modeling—persona and scenario creation; role-playing* product design—product-level interaction principles and concepts* interaction design—function-level interaction principles and concepts* interface design—component-level interaction principles and concepts* research techniques* flexibility

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