IBM Front End Developer - Professional in New York, New York

Do you enjoy crafting beautiful and high performing web applications leveraging the latest front end development methodologies, tools, and techniques? Do you have an eye for design and a passion for delivering great user experiences?At the nexus of engineering and design you will be instrumental in bringing industry-defining software products, cloud services and web applications to users around the world. You will play an integral role in building the next generation of advanced technologies in cloud, mobile, cognitive computing, big data, analytics and social software. If you’re interested in making a global impact by delivering innovative user experiences – we want to hear from you!Your responsibilities will include:

  • As part of a product team, understanding user needs, and exploring user-centered designs

  • Specifying, building, testing, deploying, maintaining, and supporting your code

  • Leveraging modern tools and techniques to develop clean, efficient, and reusable code

  • Identifying and addressing design, development, and delivery performance bottlenecks

  • Actively participating in code and design reviews

  • Coaching, educating, and evangelizing front end development best practices

If you strive to be on a team that produces enterprise-grade code, is passionate about great design, and insists on delivering exceptional user experiences – this is the place for you!

You should have a strong grasp of:

  • Semantic HTML, modular CSS and JavaScript sans frameworks

  • Cross-browser quirks and compatibility

  • Mobile-first, content driven responsive design and development

  • Progressive enhancement

  • Asynchronous, non-blocking UIs

  • Working with and integrating APIs

  • Identifying, testing, and resolving performance concerns

  • Building a11y and i18n ready user interfaces

  • Team Git workflow and version control

  • Scrum/agile software development methodologies

  • Unix or Linux

And earn bonus points if you’re into:

  • Visual or user experience design

  • Templating Languages (Handlebars.js, Dust.js, Swig, Jade, EJS)

  • CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less, Stylus)

  • JavaScript MVC frameworks (React, Backbone, AngularJS, Ember, etc…)

  • Knowledge of emerging Web standards (Web Components, ECMAScript 6, HTTP/2, etc…)

  • Native mobile development

  • Continuous delivery toolchain

  • Package managers (NPM, Bower, etc…)

  • Building API driven interfaces

  • Browser networking (HTTP, WebSockets, WebRTC, etc…)

Minimum Requirements:

  • 4+ years developing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • 2+ years delivering high performing, accessible, responsive sites

  • Open source contributions and community participation

  • Advanced knowledge in Node.js-based toolchain

  • Advanced knowledge in unit, behavioral, and end-to-end testing

  • Fluent in English

    Show us what you can do by providing links to your portfolio examples, GitHub or online source code repository, and/or browser-based resume. We look forward to hearing from you!


English : Fluent