IBM Scrum Master in MEXICO CITY, Mexico

Agile Consultants may operate as Agile Coaches or Agile SMEs on client engagements, as Agile Trainers, or as ScrumMasters. Agile Consultants work closely with business and technical people to develop and perform activities allowing the development of Agile skills, the improvement of development processes and, ultimately, self sufficiency in Agile approaches.. The role of the Agile Consultant is to share their experience and observations with all people involved in an agile project (stakeholders, delivery team, project managers, governance committees, project office, architects etc) to make sure that the best practices are being used. More specifically, the Agile Consultant supports the start-up of teams/projects, gives advice to improve the application of agile ways of working throughout projects, and spreads the best practices. The ScrumMaster runs the Scrum process on SDLC / enterprise projects, serves as a facilitator for both the Product Owner and the team, and ensures a power balance between both & management. They organize, moderate, and keep the team focused on achieving their goals; they educate the teams in agile ways of working, the use of agile tools; they solve impediments, encourage transparency, protect self organization, and they lead and coach 'stand up' meetings. They bring discipline to the team, ensuring the team adopts their chosen agile approach and strives for sustainable improvement. The ScrumMaster role is appropriate for agile projects using Scrum, SAFe, or LeSS. Sprints are also only used in Scrum.

Coach experience in Agile projects.Experience in delivery projects and Agile implementation processes.Implementation-focused mindset.Experience as a Coach in Web development (SAP, JAVA, Cobol, .NET) projects and maintenance.DevOps and continuous integration.

GIC- Mexico