IBM Technical Content Creator, Compose in MARKHAM, Ontario

Compose was founded in 2010. With a few mouse clicks, Compose produces production grade, auto-scaling database deployments with high-availability, redundancy, automated backups, security and monitoring features, and more. Since being acquired by IBM, Compose is experiencing an exciting period of growth within a leading-edge industry. If you'd like to help construct the foundation for the future of data storage, we would love to meet you. Visit to learn more.At IBM Compose, we're looking for strong writers with technical backgrounds to join our eclectic writing team. Do you find yourself writing and reading technical blogs for enjoyment? Maybe you've squashed your last 4AM bug and want to step out of the fire and share your wisdom with others? Or, perhaps you're an experienced fan of a particular database and want to share your praises (...or foreboding...) with the masses?If you're technically inclined - programming, analytics, technical marketing - and want to stay comfortably plugged in to the software world, we would love to hear from you. At IBM Compose, quality technical content is a major part of what we do. Our articles, how-tos, case studies and marketing materials are a crucial piece of our overall puzzle. If you'd love to spend your days with a fantastic, casual and close-knit team learning and writing words for the greater web development community, we have an unbelievable offer for you.We offer some of the best benefits in the business, are fully remote, work with exciting partners, host quality, production grade databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB and RethinkDB to name a few) and are experiencing an exciting period of growth. Technical things we hope you're good at (or can become excellent at):

  • Databases: We provide databases as a service. We'd love for you to have all sorts of experience with different types of data-storage.

  • Dev-y Things: It would be helpful if you can git, script, code things, and work with common software tools like Slack, Ghost, Google Analytics and Segment. The more technical know-how and experience, the better. Our stack is built with Ruby/Go and it would be excellent if you could contribute to that, too.

  • Tech Talk: Distill complicated technical ideas to any audience. It's a tough thing to do!

    We're excited to see what sort of character will wind up in this role... a few helpful traits include:

  • Self Managing: We're a flat, remote organization that gives you the respect and responsibility to operate with minimal supervision and management. Loose structure is not for everyone.

  • Team Oriented: When you're given freedom and space to work within, it's important that you want to collaborate with others.

  • Inventive: Sometimes you'll need to connect the dots and work off vague instructions or indicators.

    One of the first steps in our hiring process is a work sample. We know this is a different process than you're used to, but it's all part of an effort to minimize our own biases as much as possible. If you're the best person for the job, we want to take away all our human filters and allow you to show it. We respect a fancy education or a list of spectacular previous accomplishments, but nothing is more impressive than the right combination of ingredients - which you can objectively demonstrate. Think you're a match?Please apply and share a story about a database you've used and what you loved or didn't love about it. We'll reply as quickly as we can, and then get going on our hiring process.We understand that a complex introductory work sample is a big first request, and so we'll spend as much time as you'd like talking with you to make sure you are comfortable with the process and feel that you're being treated fairly and with respect. The sample is directly in line with the sort of work you'd be doing within Compose, so we feel like you'll enjoy it.Good luck, and have fun!Location: Markham, ON or Ottawa, ON. Teams are based at strategic IBM Lab locations and presence on site is required 100% of the time. CSUSWDevSupport

  • 3 years experience of database development application such as MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Python, Java and/or PostgreSQL.

  • 3 years of experience implementing git, script or coding and application use such as Slack, Ghost, Google Analytics, Segment and Ruby.

  • Ability to clearly communicate technical ideas to any audience.

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