IBM Physical Failure Analysis Lab Technician Co-Op in HOPEWELL JUNCTION, New York

The Product Analysis Team within IBM Systems is a visible and dynamic group which engages in failure analysis of Power and Z-system modules of established and new technology nodes. The scope of this work emcompassess high-priority customer returns, reliability fails out of stress testing, and product submissions to detect design / product-specific systematic fail modes not observable in the technology baseline monitors used in a fab. The results of this work drives changes in the process, the design, or of masks used in Front (FEOL), Middle (MOL) , and Backend (BEOL) of Line, and are usually time-critical. The team is also supporting Research&Development activities on emerging technology hardware coming out of the Albany Nanotechnology Center (ANT).The position of Physical Failure Analysis Lab Co-op within IBM Systems Group involves working closely with engineers and technicians on a variety of technical problems. The person to fill this job will be responsible for working with the team in collecting and organizing data for evaluation by engineers. The candidate will receive on the job training on the function, operation and adjustment of equipment used in the lab, and recognize proper and improper operation.

  • Applicants Needs to be team-oriented and be willing to learn new skills, including chemical safety as appropriate.

  • Further, the candidate needs to demonstrate a willing to perform hands-on tasks in a lab environment, where chemical, electrical and mechanical lab tooling is used.

  • Ability to perform tasks that may involve handling and preparing small sample specimen for analysis.

  • Demonstrated communication (verbal and written) skills.