IBM Automations & Robotics Developer (Java / Cloud Apps) in HEREDIA, Costa Rica

The Automations & Robotics Developer role is responsable of designing, creating, coding and modifying innovating applications that use Cloud-based / Dev-Ops platforms like Bluemix and Softlayer; this role also must be creative, as will need to incorporate Watson Cognitive APIs and Robotic Software to mimic human interaction into existing processes. Our organization strives for very innovative and creative efforts to bring Watson to our clients and a skill full developer in Java, with experience creating Apps on Cloud Software and use of APIs to bring all together is needed.

Must have strong Java development as almost all our Apps are coded in it.Experience integrating systems with APIs, Rest APIs and Scripting.Embrace creativity / innovation and is not shy bringing forward new ideas to the team.Embraces the Hackathon, Brainstroming, Design-Thinking, Agile environment.Preferible if has experience with Watson, has heard of or would like to learn about.Preferible to have IOS development as well, as we will eventually move to Mobile-Apps.Works very well in a self-paced environment, driven by challenging objective.Must be an active learner, like asking/probing and must like keeing up to date with the latest technology!

GPSD-Shared Svcs