IBM Systems Administrator - UNIX Operating Systems LINUX in CYBERJAYA, Malaysia

Job Description for Linux/ Solaris Must Have/Important skills/expertise the candidate need to have:-1. At least one year of experience supporting/managing RedHat LINUX servers.2. Know how to use yum and rpm utility for RedHat patching. Addition Requirement & Responsibilities:-1. At least one year of background experience in incident resolution troubleshooting of LINUX RedHat servers in an enterprise environment or the equivalent (and I'm talking about real incidents and not just closing false alerts ).2. Is familiar with the BASH Command Line Interface and a command-line editor like VIM.3. Experience in IBM X3000 series and Fibre-Channel cards are QLogic.4. Change ticket management for RedHat LINUX patching.5. Running pre-patch and post-patch system checks for the OS and the FC LUNs.6. Configuration file edits to PAM, grub, r/syslog, et al. (Typical worst-case risks - risk of bootfailure if initramfs/initrd generated wrongly, risk of total system lockout if PAM co7. Rebuilding custom IBM lin_tape module(s) from rpm source file.8. Dealing with custom IBM e2fsprogs installations on RedHat 6 servers where there are filer mounts are greater than 16TB and of type ext3/4.9. Recovering and fixing failed kernel upgrades that result in kernel panics via IMM remote console by booting to single-user mode or boot off a rescue image.10. May be involved in migration of older deployments of RedHat 6 systems that used custom IBM MPP multipath, to proper RedHat 6 multipath daemon.11. To assist TSM package deployment, and future Netbackup console deployment.12. Patching of a limited number of Windows 2012 TSVE servers.13. Increase swap size, or do things to the LVM, or edit fstab mounts and options, run checks on specific customer servers against a list of CVEs, help identify failed or failing disk in a RAID array, and similar minor technical requests.

  • At least one year of experience supporting/managing RedHat LINUX servers.

  • Know how to use yum and rpm utility for RedHat patching

Client Innovation Center (CIC)