IBM Service Desk Delivery in CAIRO, Egypt

Over the past 100 years, IBMers all over the globe have helped make the world work better and smarter. In this new era of Cognitive Business, IBM is helping to reshape industries by bringing together our expertise in Cloud, Analytics, Security, Mobile, and the Internet of Things: Changing how we create, collaborate, analyze and engage. From transforming healthcare to improving the retail shopping experience – it’s what IBMers do. In Africa, we’ve been changing the way the continent does business for more than 50 years, and as our company continues to grow, we’re looking for talented professionals to join us in this new era.Join us and be part of a diverse and global team of thinkers and doers, and make an impact.This role provides remote technical support assistance to clients and IBM technical personnel on multiple products in the high volume through high availability product environments. They receive and record incident related information, and using a variety of tools, techniques and procedures, selects appropriate actions to resolve problems, and communicates the solution or action plan to the client or IBM service representative. They identify/recommend updates to knowledge based systems and maintenance packages. They may also provide hardware or software technical support assistance to clients and IBM personnel in multi-vendor, multi-protocol networks/systems in the high availability product environment. They use professional knowledge and problem determination/problem source identification skills to resolve problems involving hardware, microcode, operating system, application programs, and network issues.The employee learns to perform tasks/processes.

Skills:Environment:Minimal or no experience required.Communication/Negotiation:Receives information. Seeks and exchanges ideas, and concepts. Requires basic knowledge of language and math.Problem solving:Learn to use specialized tools, techniques, procedures and processes. Refers problems to appropriate person.Contribution/Leadership:Learn to work within well-established procedures and schedule that deal with daily routine work.All work is reviewed.Impact on Business/Scope:Accountable for individual results.Work output has immediate affects on work-team or department results.