IBM Software Test Engineer in BEIJING, China

As a Software Engineer, you will

  • Be responsible for test and automation development of products and/or it's components;

  • Take responsible for the planning and implementation of test.

  • Take responsible for the coordination with related technical team ,write the preparation of core automation framework code;

Actively understand industry development, new technologies and the future development trend; program the feature design of company's technical architecture.

  • Major in Computer professional or related bachelor degree, with a strong software test/development capabilities, 3-5 years experience in software development;

  • Be proficient in the development technology of Java, JavaScript, HTML5 ;

  • Have the rich knowledge on browser principle and automation;

  • Have some experience or insights at the continuous integration;

  • Deeply understand on the front and the back end of the collaboration model, product and project process ;

  • Proficient in the OS,Database,etc

  • Be proficient in the principle and application of the distributed system, message queue and cache;

Steady, practical, a sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills, good team cooperation spirit and strong learning ability.

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