IBM Digital Solution Sales in BEIJING, China

BU/Team Introduce: Digital Experience & Digital PlatformA streamlined buyer journey, delighting our clients with every visit.Digital disruption has transformed the way clients interact with brands todayPlatform design should make information simple and engagingWhat we are doing :We build customized destinations for clients and visitors to explore our marketplaceWe create compelling, simple, and engaging online experiencesWe tailor our products and services in the way our clients want to consume themWe provide content, curriculum and certifications to support advanced learning.Job Responsibility: Digital Engagement & EvangelistDesign buyer journey to align with digital client experience, and take responsibility for total client experience ( TCX ) .Digital engagement of digital platforms / portfolios with both inside and outside.Deployment of global digital platforms, design new digital platforms to align IOT business targetsDigital evangelist of digital technologiesTake full responsibilities of digital platforms operations ( i.e. MarketPlace , Digital Hubs , Learning Lab ... )

whom is innovative , always eager to try something new , fearless with fail ( try fast , fail fast but learn fast )Whom is embracing agile , has passion to sharing , keeping learning and collaborating with different partieswhom has technology background , has expertise with digital technologieswhom has knowledge with UI/UE , is aware of design thinking or relevant methodologies

S&D Non-brand