IBM Commerce SaaS Application Delivery Engineer in BEIJING, China

Be a pioneer at a leading Global SaaS company. The IBM Commerce SaaS Application Delivery team is growing! Being brilliant for our clients – developing and delivering products that they love, helping them connect to their customers through personalized insights, and bringing them into the Cognitive era where they can deliver highly engaging customer experiences - this is the essence of IBM Commerce. IBM is searching for individuals adept at developing, managing, and coordinating global enterprise SaaS application delivery, on-boarding, and operations projects to hire as a SaaS Application Delivery Engineer.Top responsibilities of this role: SaaS application implementation, delivery and coordinationSaaS Infrastructure management, risk assessment and vulnerability remediationSupport customer issues on SaaS applicationsDesign SaaS infrastructure and implement solutionsSaaS environment and network provisioningManage SaaS application and platforms

Required skills:Familiar with Java programmingFamiliar with Linux shell scriptingFamiliar with RedHat Enterprise Linus OSFamiliar with networking / internet technologiesFamiliar with DevOps concept and practicesExperience with automation and configuration toolsExperience with WAS and DB2Experience with SoftLayer infrastructure

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