IBM Sr Practitioner - Finance & Administration Delivery in BANGALORE, India

About IBM:IBM India since 1992 provides solutions and services spanning all major industries including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. As a trusted partner with wide-ranging service capabilities, IBM helps clients transform and succeed in challenging circumstances. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software, uniquely distinguishes IBM India from other companies in the industry. Business Unit Introduction: IBM Global Process Services has been a part of the Indian BPO industry for more than 10 years. Today it partners with some of the largest corporations in India to transform their business processes and become more efficient. What differentiates the organization is commitment to service quality and customer success. With Brand comes the impeccable trust that places way above others. Over the past years of delivering services, understood the nuances of the vernacular delivery and have delivered highest quality of service. Who you are: You will be part of Finance & Administration (F&A) team which provides multiple services to Customers supporting their organization in the areas of financial outsourcing and Vendor Management. This role in GBS(Global Business Services) Operations requires an individual to work as a Pod Member. As part of the role, the resource needs to process Work item creation and updating, On-boarding, De boarding, creating and updating EMF records and other defined tasks to enable the seamless on-boarding/de-boarding of Global Resources in the US. What you’ll do:

  • Demonstrates ability to comply with existing SLAs of the time when circumstances are within our control.

  • Demonstrates a good understanding of metrics and the ability to provide metrics as related to work processing and time management.

  • Performs administrative and support tasks for a local team member ‘Focal Point’: Updates metrics/other reports, attends meetings

  • BMSIW(BDW/Ledger/Labor tables & queries): Executes and displays existing queries with minimal help

  • Set up Lotus Notes ID for GRs order access badges and obtain office space for GRs working in the U.S

  • Create records EMF/EMF GR REF and update DRMS records

  • Create Laptop Requests and Laptop Return Requests

How we’ll help you grow:

  • You’ll have access to all the technical and management training courses you need to become the expert you want to be

  • You’ll learn directly from expert developers in the field; our team leads love to mentor

  • You have the opportunity to work in many different areas to figure out what really excites you

  • Use notes databases and navigation

  • Navigates in CLAS and creates CLAS records with minimal help.

  • Understands AWL and can update AWL in Bluepages with minimal help.

  • Can process BOND orders with minimal help.

  • Utilize Cognos reports with minimal help after new training.

  • Understands PMP's requirements related to our work.

  • Understands SLM standards, can search SLM, and explain SLM with minimal help

  • Understands security and audit policies across IBM.

  • Demonstrates ability for ordering access badges and obtaining office space for GRs working in the U.S. with limited help.

  • WST / WAM/ ISAM: Understands & utilizes these reports with minimal help

  • Computer Knowledge: Demonstrates excellent computer operation skills including file and folder management.

GPSD-Fin & Admin