IBM Software Designer - Professional in Austin, Texas

The IBM Design Division needs talented and motivated designers to lead an era of design-led innovation at one of the largest software companies in the world. Designers will conceive and articulate the future of IBM’s entire portfolio of products, ranging from software and hardware to consulting.User Experience (UX) DesignersUX Designers will craft intuitive interactions and workflows informed by market and user research. Industrial designers with proven interaction design skills are welcome to apply.UX ResearchersUX Researchers will specialize in discovering, analyzing, and communicating user needs and evaluating user experiences. They will use qualitative and quantitative user research to prioritize design work and communicate results to other members of the team.Visual DesignersVisual designers will use their experience in designing visual communication, layout, typography, color, etc to elicit emotional connections and intuitive, intelligent responses from our audience. Pixel perfect precision and demonstrated skills in Adobe Creative Suite and other design software are a must.Design DevelopersDesign Developers will use their experience in front-end programming, mobile platforms and web markup, to quickly prototype a working model of the assets and ideas generated by Visual Designers, UX Designers and Researchers. A demonstrated background in front-end technology (web and/or mobile) is required.Each of these positions offers an opportunity to develop a design career with a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and business professionals focused on the next generation of software.Preferred Qualifications:* Formal education and experience in visual, interactive, UX or industrial design* Demonstrated foundation in industry standard design processes, methods, and tools* Demonstrated, innovative vision supported by a disciplined attention to detail* Ability to work within a cross-functional team and handle multiple projects with tight deadlines* Demonstrated written and verbal interaction skills* Knowledge of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)* A proven ability to lead and manage a small multidisciplinary design team is desirable (but not required)* Exposure to Web and mobile development and related skills, documentation, business tools and methodologies, troubleshooting and problem resolution, and customer facing experienceCandidates must send a portfolio to be considered (URL or PDF)


English : Fluent