IBM Software Design Intern in AUSTIN, Texas

This is an internship position, candidates applying must be registered students. IBM Design is looking for candidates for an intensive internship program that emphasizes a curriculum rooted in IBM’s own form of Design Thinking. The outcomes are real. At this time, we are in need of four competencies or a combination therein: Visual Designers, User Experience (UX) Designers, Design Researchers, and Front-end Developers. Visual Designers use their expertise in typography, layout, color, etc. to elicit emotional connections and intuitive, intelligent responses from their audience. UX Designers craft intuitive interactions and workflows informed by user research—typically in the form of wireframes. Design Researchers specialize in discovering, analyzing, and communicating user needs. They use qualitative and quantitative user research to prioritize design work and communicate results to other members of the team. Front-end Developers use critical thinking and coding skills to rapidly prototype for web and mobile platforms to bring to life to the mockups originated by Visual and UX Designers. We expect all of our design interns to be critical thinkers who value empathy and product focus as a defining factor in design. We need designers who are willing to advocate design thinking to their team from the introduction of the project to its delivery.


  • Basic knowledge in designing software products and applications

  • English: Fluent

IBM Design