IBM Research Staff Member, AI Reasoning in Austin, Texas

BackgroundAt IBM Research, we aim to lead, and we diligently craft a work environment that inspires brilliant and thoughtful work. We love being first: our AI systems were the first to challenge world champions in chess, backgammon, and Jeopardy! In Quantum, Neuromorphic and Parallel computing, we're pioneering architectures to power the future of AI. We love deep, long term research: we publish in top AI journals and conferences such as NIPS, CVPR, ICML, ICLR, IJCAI, and AAAI, and have been recognized with Turing Awards, Nobel and Kavli Prizes, National Medals of Science and of Technology, and the most patents for 24 years running! We love data and scalability: our Watson Health business gives our AI researchers access to enormous volumes and varieties of data, and the opportunity to revolutionize technology that is already saving lives. We love benefiting the world with AI that Matters: Healthcare, Life Sciences, Cybersecurity, and Regulatory Compliance are just a few of IBM's application areas for fundamental AI research. We love collaborating widely and openly across our research and product teams, amongst our 12 global research labs, and with the global research community, including the top academic institutions in our Cognitive Horizons Network. Job DescriptionWe’re looking for AI Reasoning research scientists who are passionate about AI, advancing science, and inventing intelligent machines that can Reason and Learn. We are particularly interested expertise in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Representation,

  • Representation Learning,

  • Knowledge Acquisition,

  • Automated Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC),

  • Natural Language Understanding, especially Language to/from Logics

  • Reasoning about Language,

  • Natural Language Generation,

  • Knowledge Induction,

  • Inference engines,

  • Statistical Relational AI,

  • Causal Inference,

  • Inductive Logic Programming,

  • Reasoning systems and solvers,

  • Logics and reasoning methods,

  • Extended logics and reasoning methods: probabilistic, approximate, near-symbolic, bounded uncertainty, …

A background that combines deep expertise in one or more of these areas with recent work in deep learning or statistical learning is ideal, but not required.As IBM Researchers, we get to work on the most cutting-edge and exciting projects and interact with the brightest minds. We want to bring out the best in you and need you to bring out the best in us. Your intelligence, creativity, team-work and problem-solving ability will be essential to the success of the company and the future of AI.The work locations will be either in Yorktown Heights, New York or in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Expertise and experience in programming in one or more of these languages: Java, Python, R, C++, Swift, C# or similar, preferably including some experience with team development practices and modern testing and deployment tools (Devops).

  • Advanced skill level in solving analytical problems using rigorous and quantitative approaches

  • Advanced skill level in creating and leveraging AI techniques, such as knowledge induction, machine reasoning, NLP, machine learning, knowledge representation.

  • Experience communicating your and the team's research in technical communities, such as publications in top conferences like KR, ICML, ISWC, ICLR, IJCAI, AAAI, ICDM, NIPS, LICS, CVPR, or similar, technical talks, and blog and other social media posts.

IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. IBM is also committed to compliance with all fair employment practices regarding citizenship and immigration status.