IBM Client Solutions Professional in Austin, Texas

What are the top responsibilities of this role?

  • Articulate benefits of complex technical solutions and products via industry and business terms to customers.

  • Document and promote complete solutions via Demo creation, Videos, Proof of technologies, and presentations.

  • Contribute to virtual technical teams building solutions to specific customers opportunities.

  • Relate the technical needs of the customer back to the business facilitating understanding of the value of the solution back to the customers business (ROI)

    Who are the primary teams this person will work with?

  • Sales, Tech Sales, Offering Mgt, Development, Services of all kinds including channel, AND CUSTOMERS

What types of technologies and trends, beyond the requirements, should someone in this role be passionate about?

  • The ideal candidate has passion for cloud technology and solving complex problems then documenting, training, and publicizing the result of the architected solution's impact to the business.

What is the value proposition for this role? Why would someone want to be part of this group?

  • IBM has the largest trove of software, services, cloud and Xaas in the world. Combined with the vast relationships with companies both large and small makes this position highly visible in the market as well as within the cloud industry.

Is Distribution Industry experience required?

  • Yes it is: 2+ Years of Distribution Industry experience working in, selling to, or supporting within the Distribution Vertical

What personality traits would make a person successful in this role?

  • Strong technical skills with passion for projects.

  • Ability to collaborate and communicate with teams within IBM and partners externally.

  • Creative problem solver and open to change.

  • Ability to work in complex, matrix managed organizational environments


  • Experience in: Distribution Vertical

  • Technical skills in order to do Demo creation, Videos, Proof of technologies, and presentations within Cloud & Xaas

  • 2+ years in Deployment, datacenter management, IT, or operations

Cloud SW Sales