IBM Sr. Software Architect Mobile in ATLANTA, Georgia

This position will be responsible for working across mobile platforms and back end systems to ensure our mobile applications employ full-stack solutions to push our capabilities to a new generation of performance and quality. This role will provide subject matter expertise, technical leadership and effective communication to help continue to deliver world class products for the consumer app weather space. A commitment to quality is a must. The prospective candidate must have a demonstrated ability to identify technical trends and influence key stakeholders. This position requires a great deal of collaboration, both within the team as well as with companywide groups such as Product Management, Design, Shared Service, and Ad Operations. In addition, this position will be expected to interact meaningfully with external groups ranging from various vendors and sponsors to industry partners such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and others. CSUSWDevSupport

  • Experience software engineering / development experience building native (client) applications

  • Experience in iterative software development environments (Agile, Kanban)

  • Experience with Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and other Agile practices

  • Understanding of the challenges related to mobile development including battery and radio usage as well as CPU and memory constraints.

  • Understanding of common design patterns including Model-View-Controller.

  • Hands on experience using smart phones and/or tablets.

The Weather Company