IBM Consolidated Advertising Media Specialist in ARMONK, New York

The Consolidated Advertising Media Specialist is responsible for managing the day-to-day execution of IBM's Consolidated Advertising (CA) Media Plan in the U.S. and to ensure that it is driving the business focused results it is designed to deliver. Advertising is a primary driver of IBM's brand health. This person will work in the corporate media team, be an active participant of IBM's global media community, and work especially closely with the CA media lead - who is primarily responsible for the strategic development of the CA media plan. Experience in the media industry is core to the position.The Consolidated Advertising Media Specialist will

  • work with the agency media team to ensure the U.S. media plan is executed properly - for maximum impact and in compliance with best practices and compliance

  • assess and monitor results to ensure that the plan is delivering as expected and optimized to drive the greatest business results

  • participate in the management of negotiations with key media partners

  • connect with internal IBM teams to ensure that the media plan is fully integrated with other marketing and communication efforts and that the agency media team has the proper input to develop effective plans

  • 8+ years of experience in advertising and/or media execution

  • 8+ years experience dealing with all media types (digital, social, television, print, radio, outdoor)

  • 4+ years demonstrating the ability to organize and assess media results data - including audience, pricing, delivery, response and ROI

  • Must have experience demonstrating strong communication and teaming skills given the wide range of teams that need to be integrated

  • Must be passionate about all elements of digital and social communications, particularly where data, technology and culture intersect

  • Must have the ability to work in the US without current/future need for IBM sponsorship

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